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2 turnarounds at FPA, Saturday Sept. 26, 2014

Thanks be to God on this the first Saturday of 40 Days for Life, there were at least two turnarounds at FPA and two more that may have left.


Please pray for a woman who came with her brother-in-law.  She told the counselor she was 11 weeks pregnant.  The counselor showed her a model of what her baby might look like.  The woman became silent.  The counselor told her about COLFS and all the resources available for her to help her in the pregnancy.  She told the counselor that she had a 7 year old and the counselor asked why she did not want to have this baby.  The woman told the counselor she did not want to talk about it.  She seemed sad and confused.  The counselor gave her a hug.  A minute later they walked away to their car and left.


Soon after a young couple arrived with their young child.  A Spanish speaking counselor talked with them for a long time.  It appeared they might be leaving when they started to walk towards FPA.  Another counselor began to talk with them and the father agreed to talk with a doctor at COLFS.  Meanwhile the mother and little girl went upstairs to FPA and waited.  After sometime the young man talked with a doctor at COLFS and he told the counselor they would leave.  He went up to FPA and they stood on the balcony for some time.  They eventually left.


Two cars at two different times drove into the lot this morning and left.  One car drove in and looked up at FPA and they drove around the lot before leaving.  Another young woman told one of the counselors she was late for an appt.  She appeared very nervous and drove away.  This was the Holy Spirit.


Sadly, one couple left this morning to go to COLFS.  However they came back and on the balcony you could see the husband dragging his wife into the building.  We need your support each Saturday at FPA, especially during this 40 Days for Life.  Situations like these happen so much and we know the power of prayer is a weapon to stop the violence at these mills.  Please join us next week to stand for life.

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3 turnarounds and a save at FPA, Saturday, Sept. 13

Dear Pro-life friends,


Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road was business as usual today, but thankfully with all the prayers the counselors were able to reach 4 women and hopefully help them to see the damage abortion causes.  Please pray for “A”, a young woman who came early to FPA.  From the balcony she was able to hear the words of one of the counselors about the horrible medical record to the doctor.  She came down and even called COLFS.  However she is very abortion intent and was only interested in a place that performs abortions.   Thankfully she left FPA but may have made an appointment at another mill for Monday.  Time is on our side.  The Holy Spirit can change hearts.  Please pray for this woman who already has had one other abortion.


Soon after that a young woman came down from FPA and appeared to be crying.  One of the counselors went to her to hand her a Rosary and to see if she needed help.  She told the counselor that she was 15 weeks and she was scared.  She had to make an appointment to come back next week because she was late term.  She told the counselor that she was Catholic and that her boyfriend dropped her off and went to Church.  The counselor was appalled to hear that her boyfriend would drop her off at an abortion mill and go to Church!   They already have an 8 month baby and she needs to find employment.     As she waited for her boyfriend to come back, the counselor encouraged her that everything would be ok, and one of the prayer warriors offered to help her, and she agreed to go to COLFS.  After she left, she exchanged phone numbers and she accepted the help from the prayer warrior and she decided that she will go to her doctor that delivered her first child.  She chose life!  Please pray for “I” and her family.


Soon after a van pulled up far off in the lot and one of the counselors could see what looked like a father handing cash over to his daughter.  The counselor approached and the girl said she did not speak English.  The counselor called one of the Spanish speaking counselors over.  The counselor began to tell the girl about the doctor and his medical record.  She talked to the girl for a short time and the father was ready to pull away.  Immediately the girl ran to the van got in and they drove away.  Please pray for this girl and her family.


At the end of the morning a couple sat in their car for some time.  One of the counselors overheard them talk about Medicare and the counselor approached them and gave them information on the record of the doctor.  They told the counselor that FPA would not take their insurance.  The counselor told them that even though COLFS did not perform abortions it was the very best place to go.  They sat in their car for a long time and finally drove off.  The counselor handed the woman a Rosary and told them they were a beautiful couple and COLFS would help them to make the right decision.  She agreed to go to COLFS and her face softened a bit.  Please pray for this couple that see the sign from God that spared their child’s life this day as a blessing and not to seek an abortion elsewhere.

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A turnaround at FPA, September 6, 2014

Please pray for a woman who came with her friend, very abortion intent.  Both women were concerned with what the counselor told them about the medical history of the doctor.  The counselor overheard them talking in their car and made it clear to them that COLFS did not perform abortions.  They went into FPA but came out a short time later.  Another counselor overheard them say something about cardiac arrest and so it appears they may have been frightened away.  As they were getting ready to leave, the counselor told them she would pray for them.  Please pray that by God’s grace she will have a change of heart for her baby.


– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego

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Update on turnaround August 23rd

Thank you to all who prayed for a young woman who left FPA two weeks ago, 15 weeks pregnant.  By the grace of God, she went to COLFS today with one of the prayer warriors and chose life!  She is 16 weeks now and it was determined that she is having a boy and the due date is Valentines Day!  May God continue to bless this courageous young woman and her boyfriend and may they continue to follow the path God has chosen for them.


We cannot do this without your continued prayers and witness at FPA.  Your presence makes a huge difference!


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A turnaround on Saturday, August 23, 2014

Please pray for a young couple who came to FPA today from Mexico for an abortion.  It was clear from the beginning that the young woman was having doubts about the abortion, but felt she had no choice because of their financial and family situations.  Upon talking to two counselors, the couple was given as much information as possible about the terrible affects of abortion and also on the help that was available to them.  They sat in their car for quite a long time and eventually came out and went into FPA.


Towards the end of the morning one of the counselors left and was driving down Miramar Road and spotted them on the balcony.  The counselor turned around and went back into the parking lot to motion to them to come down.  The young woman looked at the counselor and went back into FPA.  Several minutes later she came out again and gave her purse to her boyfriend.  She went in and came out a third time with paperwork.  They came down into the parking lot and spoke with one of the prayer warriors and the counselors.  She was 15 weeks and had to re-schedule the appointment because she was late term.


This began a conversation about how help could be given to this couple.  She was overwhelmed with the generosity and seemed relieved that people actually cared for her.  The prayer warrior took them out to eat and to make plans to help them.  This couple is going to be facing may difficulties and needs our prayers and support.  Please include them in your prayers this week.  May God bless them.


Thank you to all who came today to pray for the most vulnerable of God’s creation.

– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego

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A turnaround on Saturday, August 16

Please pray for a couple who went into FPA this morning after talking with a counselor.   The young woman was very quiet and downcast as the counselor spoke with her boyfriend.  The counselor showed him a model of a baby at 12 weeks and gave them literature.   As the counselor tried to talk more to them, one of the guards ordered them to go.  They came out after a short time and the counselor asked if they changed their mind and the man said yes, they did.  The young woman sat in the car crying.  It is unclear why they really left because they had papers in their hand from FPA. They were very quiet.   Please pray that no matter what the situation, they remain open to life.

– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego


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2 Turnarounds at FPA, Saturday July 26

Please pray for a young couple who left FPA today without talking first to a counselor.  The woman had tears in her eyes.  One of the counselors approached them and asked if she changed her mind.  She said yes but was somewhat hesitant.  She told the counselor that she was 5 weeks and the counselor asked if she was given the abortion pill.  She said they tried to.  The counselor gave them both information on abortion pill reversal and also directed them to COLFS. The woman asked if COLFS is open on other days besides Saturday.  The counselor told her yes, and to call and schedule an appointment.  Please pray for this young couple that they seek help at COLFS.


Late in the morning a counselor tried to give some information to a couple on their way to FPA.  They went into FPA but came out in less than one hour.  Another counselor noticed them get into their car and as they left, the woman gestured to the counselor in a manner that assured the counselor that she did not have the abortion.  Please pray for this couple.


Thank you for your continued prayers.


– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego


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3 saves at FPA, Saturday June 14

FPA Miramar Road – June 14, 2014


There were 5 counselors this morning along with the regular dozen or so prayer warriors out on the sidewalk.  We know of at least three women and their unborn babies that were saved from abortion today.

We noticed a car with Baja plates pull to the far side of the parking lot.  One of the Spanish speaking counselors walked over as the man and his wife and 3 kids exited the car.  The counselor asked the husband if he knew that this was an abortion clinic, and he said “No”.  As the family walked toward the clinic, the counselor walked along with them and told the husband about the litigation history of the doctor, and that the first trimester abortion was a blind procedure, and the risks involved.  The counselor then directed the conversation to the wife, who was walking behind.  The counselor gave them a card to COLFS, and told them to talk to Dr. Delgado.  The family went upstairs, but when the husband came to the front door of the clinic, he stopped, looked at it a moment, and then turned and walked away, with his family following.  On their way back to the car, the counselor tried to talk to the wife, but she looked irritated and would not talk.  We think perhaps the wife was hiding the reason they were going to this clinic from her husband.  The family drove away.

Another couple pulled into the opposite side of the parking lot and briefly talked with a counselor.  The counselor began to talk to the woman about the record of the doctor.   Both she and her husband appeared to be in a hurry.  The counselor knew there was not much time to discuss anything, so the counselor told the husband that on the eve of Father’s Day, this was not a good place to be.  The counselor asked them to search their hearts.  They had a bumper sticker on the back of their car that said “baby on board”.   They walked up the balcony embracing each other and went in.  Less than 15 minutes later they came out telling the counselor they changed their mind.  The counselor gave her a hug and they drove off.  Please pray for this couple that they remain strong in their decision.

Mid-morning a couple drove into the parking area parked below the main entrance. After they exited their vehicle, one of the counselors approached them and noticed a military sticker on the vehicle, as well as a pull over shirt worn by the man, with “Navy” written on it. Asking the gentleman if he was in the navy, the counselor shared that he too was once in the navy.   Then he asked if he could share the information about the doctor and clinic.  The couple were polite, stopped briefly, listened, and took the handouts. But when asked “how far along she was” the women got a little upset and said “let’s go” pulling her male friend with her up to the clinic.

A short time later the man came out and went back to wait in his vehicle. The counselor again approached him and asked if he could speak to him.  He rolled the window down and a discussion ensued about the clinic, the doctor (whom the counselor has spoken with many times) being an avowed “population control freak” and about this industry being all about money with a total disregard of the people who come here and of human life in general. The counselor pointed out why we are here, and our deep faith & belief in God, that life begins at conception, and each human being is a created being, a “gift from God” that needs to be protected, nurtured and loved.  The counselor pointed out that history has shown that when a country does not have basic respect for the most innocent and helpless of life, it goes on to destroying others as well, such as the elderly, the sick, the mentally disabled etc.  An example was what Hitler did.  Then the counselor reminded the man this was also Father’s day weekend and this day will be remembered as the time his son or daughter was killed, and not the day when he could be holding them in his arms.

After listening patiently, the gentleman said thanks, got out of his vehicle and went back up to clinic and went inside.  About that time one of the prayer warriors was leaving and drove by where the counselors were working, stopped to chat briefly and was asked to pray for a couple upstairs.  Shortly thereafter, the navy man and his girlfriend came out of the clinic and were observed on the balcony speaking together. They soon walked to the elevator and came down, got into their vehicle and left.


Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for these women.

– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego

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Report from FPA, Saturday January 18, 2014

Report from FPA Miramar Road, January 18, 2014


Thanks be to God, on this, the day many San Diegan’s came out to walk for Life, there were two saves at FPA, and two others left with one stating she was pretty sure she was keeping her baby.


One of the counselors talked with a young couple giving them much information on the horrible medical history at FPA as well as information on the effects of abortion.  The counselor told them to open their hearts and that they were a beautiful couple.  They went into FPA but came out about 45 minutes later.  The counselor talked to the husband who said she was ok but the woman had her face buried in his arms.  It was unclear why they left so please continue to pray for them.


Very late in the morning a mother, daughter and her boyfriend appeared in the parking lot.  One of the counselors talked in depth to the mother about the medical record of the doctor, telling the mother about a woman who wound up in the hospital from the doctor.  The counselor also told the mother that this was her grandchild and that it looked as though she were a good mother to her daughter, and that she could help her daughter get through the pregnancy.  The mother softened a little but told the counselor the daughter knew what she was doing.  The counselor told them about COLFS.  They stood on the balcony for a long time and then went into FPA.  They came out within minutes and left.  The young girl smiled at the counselor and said she was most likely keeping the baby.  The counselor gave the girl a pro-life bracelet and a Rosary.  She told the girl to thank her mother.  May God Bless “C” and help her to call COLFS to get good care.


Another woman came today from Calexico.  After lying to a counselor, she went into FPA.  While she was in there one of the counselors spoke to the driver who had no idea she was there for an abortion.  She tried to text the woman but she was adamant about the abortion.  However, she came out without having the abortion.  She told the counselor that she had another appointment.  It might appear that she was too far along for the regular abortion.  The counselor told her that this was a sign that God was giving her another week to choose life.  The counselor urged her to call COLFS.  Please pray for “D” that she open her heart to life, even amongst the difficulties she may have at home.


Another counselor spoke with two women going in.  The counselor told them about the doctor’s record, and related a personal story about adoption, and asked her to consider adoption as an option.  The counselor told her there was no going back if she decided to have an abortion.  They listened and thanked the counselor, and then proceeded to the clinic.  About a half hour later she and her friend came down, and they were both smiling.  The friend said she did not go through with it.  The counselor congratulated her on the decision, and encouraged her to go to COLFS.


Thank you to the brave prayer warriors who came out to FPA this morning to witness to life.  Their presence is always felt as they stand in prayer for the most vulnerable of God’s precious ones.

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2 Saves and a Turn Around at FPA, Saturday, January 4, 2014

FPA Miramar Road, San Diego – January 4, 2013

Business was as usual this past Saturday at FPA but by God’s grace we had two lives spared and one turnaround.

One of the counselors spotted a couple pulling their car in the back of the building.  The counselor walked over to them and handed them literature.  The man received the information openly but his wife seemed to be more in a hurry.  He listened as the counselor quickly gave information on the history of the doctor and the consequences of abortion, showing him a picture of a six-week old baby.  At that point the woman was going up the steps.  The counselor told them both to open and search their hearts and that this would change their lives.  They went into FPA but came out several minutes later.  The counselor tried to offer the woman a Rosary but she did not want to take it.  However, they called COLFS and went there for an ultra-sound.  There at COLFS they chose life!

Sometime later another couple emerged from their car appearing in a hurry.  The counselor told them both about the history of the doctor and they both stopped to listen briefly.  Minutes later the boyfriend told her to get in the car.  The woman told the counselor that this was a sign that she should not go there because she was not feeling good about it and wondered if she should be there.  They left to go to COLFS.  She was not very far in the pregnancy and they left undecided.  It appeared her boyfriend was pressuring her.  Sometime later another counselor at FPA noticed that they came back.  Please pray for “R” as her heart seemed to be open to life but she may have given in to the pressures of her boyfriend.

Two women drove into the lot later in the morning and talked to a counselor.  They too were alarmed about the doctor and told the counselor that a friend told them to go to a clinic in Mission Valley.  The counselor directed them to COLFS.  They both agreed and drove away.   It was not determined at COLFS if “B” was pregnant and tests were being performed.  Please pray for this woman that should it be confirmed she is pregnant that she choose life for her little baby.

Another counselor spoke with an Hispanic couple as they walked towards the clinic, and warned them of the doctor’s unsavory litigation history.  After offering them a COLFS card, and asking the woman how far along she was, he gave them a picture of a six-week-old unborn baby.  The boyfriend handed it to his girlfriend, telling her what it was (she only spoke Spanish).  She looked at it, and said, “It’s ok, tell him thank you.”  They entered the clinic, and came out a few minutes later.  A different counselor spoke with them, and they asked him if COLFS does free ultrasounds. After he told them they do, the couple thanked him and left.

Please pray that they continue to choose life.

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